“Wilt thou not revive us again; that thy people may rejoice in thee?”  Psalms 85:6

The Revivalist

The Revivalist




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2015 Sermons

-Jan  A Heart Full Of Love          

-Apr  Serving God With All Of Our Heart

-May  The One’s Who Did Not Repent

-Jun  Reason For Concern - About Ones Salvation

-July  When Revival Will Come

-Aug  The Church That Jesus Built

-Sep  How We See Jesus

-Oct  Winning Souls

-Nov  The Blessing of Contentment


-Mar  Help For The Discouraged

-Feb  Praying That Avails Much

2013 Sermons

-Jan    Jesus Will Return Again        

-Feb    Failing To Make It To Heaven

-Mar    The Blessing Of Forgiveness

-Apr    Why God’s Salvation Is So Great

-May   Will Jesus Give One A Better Life

-Jun    Could Anger Be Good    

-Jul      Never Say “Go Thy Way”

-Aug    Studying Psalms One Hundred Nineteen

-Sep    Sir, We Would See Jesus

-Oct    Joy Of Salvation

-Nov    Let Us Not Forget

-Dec    Holy And Profane

2014 Sermons

-Jan    How The Wall Was Built        

-Feb    Come And Worship

-Mar    A Call To Return

-Apr    Worldliness Troubling The Lord’s Churches

-Jun/Jul    Blessings Of Bible Study

-Aug/Sep    Jesus Is Coming Again

-Nov    In God We Trust

-Dec    Comfort For The Future

2016 Sermons

-Jan  The Way I Understand It          

-Apr  Why Is The House Of God Forsaken  

-May  Help For The Depressed  

-Jun  Want To Go To Heaven


-Aug  Comfort For The Bereaved

-Sep  Holy and Profane

-Oct  Whatsoever Ye Do

-Nov  The Mercy Of God

-Dec  Jesus Is Coming Again

-Mar  Failing To Make It To Heaven  

-Feb  Why Some Will Miss Heaven

2017 Sermons

-Jan  The Fear Of The Lord          

-Apr  Joy Of Salvation

-May How To Recognize False Prophets

-Jun Jesus Is Precious

-Jul  Now That You Have Lost Your Loved One

-Oct A Call To Return

-Nov  How Long Does It Take

-Dec  Some Blessings That Come From Suffering

-Mar  Why The Bible So Often Says Not Of Works

-Feb  The Way I Understand It

2018 Sermons

 -Jan  A Desire To See God’s Power     

-Apr  Therefore It Is Of Faith

-May  A Desire To Go To Heaven

-Jun  Spend Time With The Bible

-Jul  Reasons For Not Sowing To The Flesh

-Aug How To Be Sure We Are Saved

-Sep  Churches In Times Of Testing

-Oct  Witnessing For Jesus

-Nov  This Could Help Our Prayer Life

-Dec   How We See Jesus

 -Feb  Whole-Hearted Devotion

-Mar  By Grace

2019 Sermons

-Apr  The Way Of Salvation

-May The High Cost Of Delay

-Jun Turning Away From The Truth

-Jul  Faith Can Make A Difference

-Aug  Speak Not Evil One Of Another

-Sep  Winning Souls

-Oct  A Need For Comfort

-Nov  Turning It All Over To The LORD

-Dec  Jesus Will Return

-Feb  Help For The Depressed

-Mar  His Heart Is Fixed

-Jan  What About Wealth

2020 Sermons

-Apr  Pray In Faith

-May  Are We Being Tried

-June Worship The God Accepts

-Feb  The Blessings Of Forgiveness

-Mar  When The Jailer Got Saved

-Jan  It Is A Comfort To Know