“Wilt thou not revive us again; that thy people may rejoice in thee?”  Psalms 85:6

The Revivalist

The Revivalist




-Jan    The Blessed Man        

-Feb    Things That We Can Loose    

-Mar    Decide For Christ

-Apr    Things Important To God    

-Jun/Jul    A Word From The Lord

-Aug/Sep    In Order To Win More

-Nov    Weaker Than We Think

-Dec    Trust In The Lord

2014 Short Messages

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2015 Short Messages

-Jan    We Need To Commit Ourselves            

-Feb   God Permits Sin As A Punishment      

-Mar    There Is Power In His Name

-Apr    In God’s Time      

-May   Why Many Fail To Obey The Bible  

-Jun   Knowing That We Are Saved

-Jul    There Is Power In His Name

-Aug   Needing A Change

-Sep   The Lord Knows

-Oct   God Does All Things Well

-Nov   Space To Repent


2016 Short Messages

-Jan  We Can Go From There               

-Feb  The Joy Of The Lord       

-Mar  How To Become Poor    

-Apr  Fervent Charity Among Yourselves       

-May  Reason For Concern    

-Jun   Help For The Afflicted

-Jul    Living According To Our Commitment

-Aug  Why Faith Is So Important

-Sep  Help For The Afflicted

-Oct   Things Important To God

-Nov   A Word  From The Lord

-Dec   The Lord Does Great Things

2017 Short Messages

-Jan  Painful Deception    

- Feb  Comfort For The Future    

-Mar  Now The Sons Of God

-Apr   The Bible Does Condemn Gambling     

-May  Except The Lord Build The House  

-Jun  Ask In Faith

-Jul   Not Ashamed Of Jesus

-Oct  In Deep Trouble

-Nov  God Does All Things Well

-Dec  Sinful Pride Causes Trouble

2018 Short Messages

-Jan  Signs Of Christ’s Coming           

-Feb  The Way Of Salvation Is Simple     

 -Apr We Can Have The Power Of God Upon Us    

 -May Blessings Missed Before Salvation

 -Jun  A Merry Heart

 -Jul  A New Creature

 -Aug  Trusting The Wrong Thing

- Sep  Is Worship The Main Thing

-Oct  Using What God Has Given Us

-Nov  Our Limited Knowledge Of God

-Dec  Needing A Change

 -Mar Having Fear When There Is Nothing To Fear    

2019 Short Messages

 -Jan  Taking Away God’s Word         

 -Feb  In God’s Time  

 -Apr  Do People Really Hate The Lord

-May All Things Done In Love

-Jun How To Become Poor

-Jul  Preach The Word

-Aug  The House Of The LORD

-Sep  The Way Of The Wicked Is Frightening

-Oct  Ye Must Be Born Again

-Nov  Decide For Christ

-Dec  What Is That To Thee

 -Mar  Life And Good And Death And Evil  

2020 Short Messages

 -Feb  It Does Matter How We Treat Others

-Apr Breaking The Yoke

-May Are We In The Days Of Apostasy?

-Gain Is Not Godliness

 -Mar  The Power Of God Can Be Upon Us

 -Jan  Watching For Jesus